Hey PAL!

I love you already. Welcome to my website!!

I am going to share a BIT about who I am and my goal for life!

I have big dreams, and I am constantly working on small steps to make them happen.

Currently I am a Production Coordinator, I work for my Dad’s Film Production company, it’s called Traverse Films. Working with my Best Friend is cool and has taught me a lot.

Here’s a pic of me doing the MOST at work.

If you need a job done, I am absolutely on it.

I hope to continue to grow in the Film industry. I’m dabbling in make-up and wardrobe, and I can also edit and produce social media content.

I’m always working on growing my skills and hope to be the best at whatever part of the Film Industry I choose.

I am also in love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! It drives me in life and my hope every single day is to bring it’s sunshine to the people around me. If I could accomplish one goal in life it would be to leave every single person I meet better than when I found them.

My family inspires me to chase my dreams. I look up to each of them.

Well that’s me! Hope you stay a while!!